Thursday, October 2, 2008

Austin's Soccer Season

Well tonight was Austin's last soccer game of the season. This year he was in the all 2nd graders soccer league and really enjoyed coaching and watching him play.. His team really improved and came a long ways, they were passing to each other, using the inside of their foot to kick with, and their dribbling really came along also. I loved watching Austin, he's really good at dribbling down the line. He did make one goal this season, and was just sooo happy to be out on the field. He enjoyed playing both offense and defense (my personal favorite). I can't wait to watch him next year and see how what he'll learn next. He really had an amazing team to work with, and they were just the cutest bunch of kids, and worked really well together... way to go buddy!!!

Dribbling down the field:
Austin & coach Mom:
Austin and his medal:

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Leah said...

Awesome job Austin!