Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kindergarten Field Trip

Well today I helped chaperon at Sydney's kindergarten field trip.. I even rode the bus, and we sat in the very back ( I have decided I'm not really a bus gal) as we went to the Monte Bean Museum. When we got there, we went down and saw an animal show which was pretty interesting and with 6 kindergarten classes in there, the kids were really good for the show. They all got to touch this huge lizard on the way out, Sydney thought it was really cool. Then we just walked around the museum, I have never been there before, so I had fun checking the place out, and it's really quite big. I think we are going to have to go there again for-sure. Saw lots and lots of fun animals, some were really interesting.. I have to say the Liger and the Butterfly wall were my favorite features. By the last five minutes, the kids were begging to sit down, so we found a bench and they just crashed. So, took the bus back to school and then they were out for the day... Sydney and I took a little girlfriend lunch together at Stars, so we had fun and then just checked out Costco and see what they had new there.. I am proud to say that I have already started my Christmas shopping... so I am super excited about that, my goal is by Thanksgiving to be finished.. woo hoo.... Notice in Sydney's pictures how loose that one bottom tooth is.. I wish it would just come out...

Me & Syd: (taken by me- still not sure if I see much of me in her)
Liger- my excitement for the day.. Napoleon that is flippin SWEET:
Syd with the Liger: Syd and the beautiful buttefly:
Upclose of the butterfly- talk about amazing:
The 3 girls in my group:
Sydney with the cute zebra:
By the end, the 3 girls were VERY tired:


Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

Sounds like a blast, love all the photos!! That will be fun to scrap! I totally can see you in her, same nose and eyes! :)

Pat said...

Wendi great photos & I think your DD has your eyes!

Terri said...

Love your photos Wendi and that butterfly thing is to die for - how KEWL is that. Glad you had a chance to be with Syd at school - looks like it was a fun trip!!

Leah said...

That butterfly display is awesome! Glad you got to go with her!

Jewel said...

Hey Wendy,
Thank you for letting me know about that pic. Caroline saw it too and said "THAT'S MY GROUP!" She was SO excited about the field trip. I think the teachers really talked it up. We have been there as a family and were impressed. I saved the pic.
Thanks for keeping a good eye on my girl!

Peck Family said...

I need to take my kids back there...the last time I was there was when Jordyn went for her Kindergarten fieldtrip! They have some pretty cool stuff there.