Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 81: Sick Kid

well it finally happened.. It was about 10 am and I got a call from the school. Apparently one of our kids wasn't feeling too well and running a temperature, should I come pick her up? This is the actual first time this has ever happened. (Once I had to bring a new shirt to school for Austin, since he has a bloody nose, but he didn't want to come home). Sydney said her head was hurting and her side too. So we did what we do when people are sick. No wii, No fun movies, No computer, just hang out and watch a little tv and eat a healthy lunch, and no dessert for the day. At least she did her homework, BUT later on when I thought she was "resting" in her bed, she was found playing her DS... guess what got taken away? Maybe next time, there won't be a mom there to pick up a sick kid.. hmmm, we'll see.

Day 81: Chorley
Age: 103 days old

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Ellen said...

Sounds like she was feeling better that evening...better enough to play.