Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day: 74 Austin's Game

Today was a super chilly day, and pretty chilly for a baseball game too. Chorley and I braved the cold for Austin's game and watched him play a GREAT game. He played catcher for awhile (one of my fave positions), 2nd base, 3rd base and one inning at outfield. He also got two amazing hits, one was a foul, but just barely, and went pretty high and far. The second one went high and far out to the field, so Austin got a double. He also walked one time, and made it into home for an added run. Their team won, it was their first win of the season, and it is sooo much fun to watch Austin grow in a sport that he really LOVES playing.

Day 74: Chorley (all bundled up)
Age: 96 days old

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