Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 69: Sleep Over

Today was a first at our house. We hosted the Activity Days girls sleepover. I wasn't sure what kind of excitement we were in for, but we got some. The sleepover started at 7 pm, and there were 4 girls in Activity Days, and Sydney is one of them, 2 couldn't come, so we had Sydney and Keyala. (Jeremy took Austin out to the movies, do they didn't have to be around the "girls" and Katelin, aka "the nanny" came over too.)They played the Wii and had pizza. Then the activity days leader come over, they made fruit rolls ups from scratch and also made their own flavored lip balm. Afterwards they had some dessert and went to bed. In the middle of the night, it was still dark, I started hearing noises in the other room, then I heard Lily moving around, and then I heard the sliding door open. I told Jeremy to get out there cuz someone was in the house!! The clock said a bit before 5 am!!! So he came back and said that there were 2 girls up watching tv and they let Lily out!! We sent them back to bed, and at 630am they were back up. At 8 oclock they came in the bedroom hungry for breakfast. We didn't get the best night's sleep, let's just say. But Sydney had fun.

Day 69: Chorley
Age: 91 days old

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