Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 60: Lucky Leap Year Feb 29

Lucky Leap Year!!!! Well today went totally unexpected for how it ended. It was going great, I got to get out and get some lunch with some of the girls from the ward, the kids had little homework, dinner was done early and the kids actually got in bed early.. Then I got a call from Joans Miller from church, asking if I wanted to go to Disneyland since it was open all night due to Leap Year. I asked Jeremy if I should go, and he thought I was crazy and said to go for it. I said ok, and in 30 minutes I was out the door. There were also 2 YW from the ward that came along with us. They ended up falling asleep on the way.. why? cuz we left at 10 pm and didn't get off the carpool offramp till 1 am!! that's right over 2.5 hrs for the last 2 miles to get there.. insanity huh?? and, when we got there this is the sign we saw!!! Yes, Disneyland was filled to capacity!!! You couldn't do in, until someone left. yup, so then we decided just to not go, and got some Mcdonalds, I got the cocoa. As we were heading back, we noticed all the traffic cleared up, so we thought, lets try this. We parked quickly, and walked up to security and the line to just go through security and then go in, were INSANE!!! that was it, we headed home, but it was a fun little adventure for the night!!!

Day 60:Chorley
Age: 82 days old

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