Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 80: Costco = Love/ Hate

ahhh Costco..I love you, I hate you... I love buying in bulk, I hate that I end up spending sooo much there every time I go. Today was a $300 day at Costco, that included food and gas. We don't go every week, let alone every other week, probably just once a month. This week was also snack week for both kids games, and here they do full treat bags!!! (treat bag is a drink and "several" snacks in the bag) so we put 3 snacks in our bags. But we also needed meat, baby wipes and a few other large things I've been putting off buying. Unfortunately nothing was really "fun" that I bought. ahhhh, Costco, I love you, I hate you.

Day 80: Chorley
Age: 102 days old

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Ellen said...

I have the same love hate relationship with Costco too! It's always a cheap visit when we only spend $100 there.