Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Tooth Lost

Well finally, it was about time. But Austin lost his very first tooth!!!! That's right, he turned 7 last month, and got his first visit from the tooth fairy on Thursday night. He started complaining about 2 weeks ago about a bump inside his mouth, hurting him. So we checked it out, and noticed his bottom tooth coming in BEHIND his bottom baby tooth. Well nothing was loose, sooo we called the dentist and made an appointment. When we got there the dentist said he was going to have to "remove" it. Austin was such a huge trooper, needle and all, had the tooth pulled and check out that root!!!! MAN!!! so that night the tooth fairy came... and brought $2 and a large king size M&Ms. He was sooo happy and said he even saw the tooth fairy fly away. Well this isn't the cheapest way to loose a first tooth, but he is more than excited.. (only dilemnia is that I think the other bottom baby tooth is going to have the same thing happen, we noticed another small bump).


Micah and Kristine said...

Wow, what a big tooth for such a big guy! I bet the tooth fairy was really excited!

Cara said...

What a root on that thing. Way to be tough Austin. The dentist is so devestating to my kids (and me for that matter).