Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yard Sale

Well, we did our yard sale.. I thought I would get everything out and ready early, esp since you always have people show up before you really "open." And about 20 minutes after I was all set up, what happens?? BIG, huge cloud burst.. not little drizzle drops, the big huge fat ones!!! All the clothes got soaked, and a few other things, but luckily nothing was totally damaged.. that lasted about 20 minutes or so, and only rained a little later one. But all in all, got rid of lots of stuff, which I was excited about, plus just making the open space in the house, was nice. So I'm glad we will have some fund money to last us awhile for Fun Fridays coming up...
I have to say, that Sydney is quite the little sales lady!!! She knows what she wants. Well, two other houses on the street were also having yard sales, and one of them had a BIG doll house. So Sydney went over, found out how much it was, and asked if she could go and buy it. I said no, you already have one, you don't need two. So, she goes in the house, brings out her's, sells it for the same price, so that she can buy the big one... did she sell it? YUP, you bet... so she made out with a steal, and upgraded her doll house, and is sooo excited!!! You should have seen the smile on her face.. Poor Austin, didn't sell his dinosaur castle.. poor buddy, all the boys that came played with it, but I think the moms didn't want it... kinda funny. So it was a good day.

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