Monday, September 15, 2008

Camp Fire Pit

Two summers ago we splurged and bought one of those outdoor fire-pits and last summer didn't get to use it enough, just too dang hot, but this summer we've used it quite a bit. Last night was the perfect temperate, and Jeremy got the fire going good. Then we had to bust out the marshmallows and make yummy smores.. Austin just loves the idea of roasted the marshmallows, takes a couple bites and then just wants to roast more. Syd actually loves to eat the smores all the way, and last night she said had the "perfect, ready marshmallow"... Such a fun yummy treat. Hopefully we will get to use it a couple more times before the cold comes in.. Just such a nice, relaxing way to unwind for the night.

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Alecia said...

LOVE a good fire pit, sounds like lots of fun!!