Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yard Work

Well the last two weekends have been ALL about the yard work. Last weekend, we went through and cleaned out the WHOLE garage, swept it out, sprayed it down, and threw out lots of junk... then reorganized it. This weekend, was weeding, getting the dirt ready and laying all new "good" soil, mowing all the lawn, and got done most of the edging.. Man we were all sooo beat. The kids got in on the action and helped a bit, but mainly rode their bikes, which was fine, the weather was totally gorgeous and perfect.. Then later we realized we actually got some sun and mini sunburns, but feels good to have most of it done for now.

Front View:
Front flower bed- with my favorite shrubs:
Backyard Rock Wall View:

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Alecia said...

Looks GREAT you guys!!!