Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 33: Sushi Lunch

One of Jeremy and my favorite things to do is get some sushi for lunch. It's our kinda lunch dates that we started about 2 years ago. A way to go out without having to get a sitter for the kids. Even though we bring Chorley with us, it's still fun to go on our lunch dates. We have been looking for a good sushi place to go to around here, since we've moved back to Torrance. We've found a couple, but nothing as good as Teppanyaki back in Lehi.. that place had the BEST sushi, great prices, they knew us there, and the sushi master... made the most amazing sushi. Well we found a place called Sushi Gone Wild and it was dang good... They even had total Wendy 80s music going on.. Let's just say we'll be going back to that place.

Day 33: Chorley
Age: 55 days old

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