Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 47: Crock Pot Dinners

Well the crock pot has been my BFF yesterday and today. When I just had Chorley I was told that I was going to be receiving some help by being given some time to help me prepare some freezer dinners to make my readjusting period easier, but somehow that never came about, and I was seriously disappointed. I really miss having my mothers freezer meal swap group with the family and friends that I did when I was in Utah. I was looking forward to stocking up my freezer with some quick and easy meals. Esp with Austin's baseball games and practices, Sydney's softball practices and games, Austin with 2 days of after school math, one night of teaching Scouts, Sydney with activity days, and trying to get Chroley's feeding in there, and make dinner. Jeremy ended up going to back into working in the office again, a week sooner than we expected, so I needed some quick meal asap!!! So yesterday and today I've been cooking chicken in this crockpot almost nonstop to get some freezer meals done in and in the freezer. so far I've made:
3 batches of chicken tortilla soup
2 meals of Hawaiian chicken
1 meal of Salsa chicken
2 meals of Creamy Bacon chicken
1 meal of Cheesy Italian chicken
Most of the meals just need to be served with rice, or noodles and some veges from the steamer and we are good to go. I am super excited that I got soooo much done too.

Day 47: Chorley
Age: 69 days old

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Caroline said...

Nice job, I should try that more often. How long do you cook your chicken in the crockpot?