Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 54: Blue & Gold Scout dinner

Tonight was the Scout Blue and Gold dinner. Above is the birthday themed centerpiece "cake" that I made for our table. Each family was in charge of a centerpiece for their table, the scouts bringing a cake, a pan of enchiladas to share for dinner, and a side for the nacho bar. Yes we came fully loaded!! Austin also got several awards. We have worked really hard in Webelos the last couple of months. He earned his Forester, Handyman, Artist and Citizen badge, along with the Citizenship beltloop. Way to go buddy!!

Here is Austin with his "Homerun" cake award and a piece of his own cake.

Day 54: Chorley
Age: 76 days old
check out her cutie smile and those long eyelashes.. plus that surfer baby outfit is one of my new faves!!

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