Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 50: Chorley's Baby Blessing

Today was Chorley's baby blessing and we were sooo excited for this special family day. Jeremy gave the most beautiful, heartfelt blessing that just made me cry. It also made me realize how special Chorley is to our family, and how incredibly blessed we are to have her in our family, and be blessed with such a sweet, wonderful little person in our lives. We've waited a looong time for her to come to our family, and though she is only barely over 2 months old, I can't imagine our family without her at all. She is so mellow, easy going, and such a good baby, it really makes everything so easy. My heart is so full of how much I love her, and I know that will only grow more and more everyday.
We had some family come up for the blessing, my parents were here, the Jessops came, and Jeremy's parents came out for it. Eric and his girlfriend came over later on to visit, which was really nice. It was a wonderful family day to spend with people that we love.

Day 50: Choley
Age: 72 days old


Caroline said...

I'm sure it was a great day, wish we could've been there! said...

This was an amazing day and my cup runneth over!! My heart was full of family, love, grandchildren, laughing and sweet tears!! Luv Mum