Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 38: 2 Month Appointment

Today was Chorley's 2 month appointment. I was sooo excited to see how much she had grown, because I know she has gotten ALOT bigger. Well she is up to 12 lbs, 6 oz (which is almost 4 whole pounds) which is in the 87% range and is 23 3/4" long which is in the 93% range ( almost 4 inches longer). Talk about a growing baby!!! She seems healthy in all aspects right now, and I loved taking this picture of her looking in the mirror at herself. But, she did have to get 3 shots, 2 in the legs and one by mouth- which is pretty cool, and one less shot to get in the body. She took them like a trooper, I may have cried more than she did. And she calmed down in a matter of minutes. Though later on that night, she started screaming in pain, I could tell one of her poor lil legs was stiff and in pain. She cried for almost an hour and a half, and not much was calming her down. I felt horrible for her, since she didn't understand, I have never ever heard her cry so much, poor thing. But today, she is back to herself.

Day 38: Chorley
Age :60 days, 2 months

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Caroline said...

I hate the days the kids get shots!! I love the angle of the picture you got!