Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 44: Simpsons 500 Episode Party

Wow!!! The Simpsons are celebrating their 500 episodes!!! and so they had a big, huge party for the special occasion. Jeremy's work was invited of course, so we got to go out on a date to the big shin-dig. There was the yummiest food and dessert bar, I was a huge fan of the cake pops. There was a great band, games to play, Bart and Lisa to take pictures with and of course see all of Jeremy's work friends. It was at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, basically in the heart of Hollywood, somewhere that we don't go often, so of course I took a few pics.

Day 44: Chorley
Age: 66 days old


Kim said...

Ooh, the Roosevelt hotel, reminds me of the hills! And a dessert bar? Can i get one of those permanently at my house? Looks like a super fun night!

Caroline said...

Sounds ritzy, was it your first Hollywood party??