Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 151-154

Day 151: Black Eye
Today was one of those days you dread some of those words you hear as a parent. Jeremy went early with Austin to his game to help them warm up, they get there an hour early to get some batting and fielding practice in before the game. I was going to be coming later with Chorley and Sydney, as I'm about to start getting ready to head out, Jeremy calls and says Austin got his in the eye with the ball, he probably won't be playing and he has ice on it.. I of course think the worst. So I head over to the field and need to see what's going on.. Man, he had a shiner!!! and you could even see on his cheek where the stitches of the ball hit right under his eye. He had to sit the game out, but we still stayed to watch. He was sooo bummed out little guy, but had quite the black eye to show for it.
Day 151: Chorley
Age: 173 days old

Day 152: Arrow Of Light
Today was a big day for Austin he got his ARROW OF LIGHT in Cub Scouts. Not only that, he got his Webelos badge on the same day. Jeremy and I were the Webelos Scouts leaders this year and we had 5 main boys that we started off the year with and we really wanted to make sure they all got their Arrow of Light awards. The way the pack meetings fell also was that all 5 boys would be getting their Webelos and Arrow of Light award at the same time!!! We were sooo excited, and Austin was just as excited, since he had worked sooo hard on his badges. We also went on a day hike with the boys, and several other extra activities during the year. I was sooo proud as a parent watching Austin get his awards, and also proud that Jeremy and I were able to be a big part of that also. The pack meeting went great. We also planned special refreshments and made sure that there were some decorations to make the evening extra special.

Austin pinned his parent's award on me:
 Jeremy with Austin holding his Arrow of Light award:
Jeremy and I with our Webelos boys:
Sam Leight, Austin Robinson, Tyler Goldstein, Brother Miller as the Cheif, Cole Richards and Rohan Malu
Day 152: Chorley
Age: 174 days old

Day 153: Cheesecake Bars
One thing I really like to do is try a new recipe on Friday nights. Usually it's something fun that I've found on Pinterest. This was the choice of the week, cheesecake bars... pretty dang yummy too.
Day 153: Chorley
Age: 175 days old

(not sure what happened but I can't find a picture for this day...)

Day 154: Last Day of the Baseball Season
Today was the last day of the baseball season for Austin. Luckily his eye was doing MUCH better so he was able to play. They didn't win, but they came pretty close. Austin hit one of his biggest hits in the game for the season. It went over the outfielders head and then bounced to the fence!! It was QUITE the hit!!! I think we really needed it too, after not being able to play last game from the black eye. He rocked it!! He played great the whole game too. Afterwards the coach gave out the awards, the tropheys and said some nice words about each player. He gave Austin the Sportsmanship award, for always being positive at the games, practices, and putting his whole heart into the season. Vida was a great coach for Austin this year, and he learned soo much from him.
Austin and his award:
One last team huddle:
Austin and Coach Vida:

Day 154: Chorley
Age: 176 days old

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Austin, great job on getting Arrow of Light, big accomplishment!!