Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day: 173-178

Day 173: Reading under the Bed
During the summer the kids need to read at least an hour to gain Wii time. They are really good about setting their timers and reading. Each summer I tend to find them in a new creative place to read their books. Today I went looking for them, since it was almost too quiet. This is where I found them... with flashlights.. and their books.. reading under Austin's bed.I have to say it was pretty cute.
Day 173: Chorley
Age: 195 days old

Day 174: El Paso Cantina
One of our FAVE places to go for dinner in Torrance.. well esp my fave place to eat at in Torrance is El Paso.. I would say at least twice a month on Fridays we would go out to dinner with grandma and grandpa Hatter, and with Katelin while she's been in town. El Paso is a winner for all, though the kids have been getting a bit burned out, I never do. The chips, the salsa, and lately the fish tacos have been quite the fave.. YUM!!!
Day 174: Chorley
Age: 196 days old

Day 175: Fave thing in the House
This has to be one of my FAVE things in the house while we've been renting my grandparents house. The original stove!!! It's retro, vintage yellow, the timer or the clock don't work, but it cooks amazing!! And it's extra deep so you can even cook two 9x13 dishes at the same time. This is the same oven that has cooked years and years worth of Thanksgiving turkeys, banana bread, and many tasty dishes. I'm so glad that I've had the privilege of cooking with this oven also.
Day 175: Chorley
Age: 197 days old

Day 176: Fave Room in the House
I think our most fave room in the house, is the open concept dining room/ living room area. This was the original living room area of the house, till they added on the "extra" living room. My grandparents used it more as a formal sitting area, and always lounged in the living room area. We opened up the area with our furniture arrangement and made this the main area that our family hung out in. The fireplace gives it that extra cozy feel. It had big couches for lots of guests to visit in, great lighting for reading a book, each kid would pick a couch and do their homework on it, and then the computer was in the room, so we were always together in one room. I think that is why we liked this room so much, we could be together whatever we were doing.
Day 176: Chorley
Age: 198 days old

Day 177: Syd and Lily
Sydney is such an animal person. She has a big love for animals. She always is going up to pet people's animals, ahhhs every photo she sees and always is worried that Lily is ok. She watches out for her, gives her huge cuddles, and always wants to keep her warm. It's adorable to watch.
Day 177: Chorley
Age: 199 days old

Day 178: Pretty Toes
Austin got the opportunity to go and visit his cousins for a few days, so that left me with Chorley and Sydney. Sydney was a little sad and a bit lonely so I made sure that we had some fun "girl" time while Austin was gone. We went out to lunch at Lazy Dog and got salads and lemonade. Then we went and got pedicures done. Sydney got cute lil Hello Kittys and glittery nail polish, one colors for her fingers and another color for her toes. We then came back and picked out a chick flick for us girls to watch. I think she had a pretty good time, with just us girls.
Day 178: Chorley
Age: 200 days old

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Caroline said...

Love the oven, I didn't realize it was so deep and fun girl time too!