Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 155- 164

Day 155: Chorley and Toys
Today I asked Sydney to get Chorley a toy. Now, you need to know, that Sydney sleeps with like a minimum of 15 stuffed animals every night. I try and hide some of them, but they always make their way back to her bed. I sometimes wonder where she even sleeps amist all the animals. Well when I came back awhile later, I saw Sydney had brought Chorley all her toys and given them ALL to her.
Day 155: Chorley
Age: 177 days old

Day 156: Teacher Hugs
Sydney has one of the best teachers this year, and I know Sydney has loved being in her class since the beginning of the year. Ms D is super sweet, energetic and great with the kids. Each day before the kids take off to their parents, they give her a high five, fun handshake, or a hug. Sydney gives Ms D all of the above.
Day 156: Chorley
Age: 178 days old

Day 157: Report Practice
This year both of the kids have had to do monthly oral reports in their classes. Some months have been easier then others, but we always have the kids do a practice report in from of our family, so they get used to saying it in front of people. The place they love to practice is on the fireplace, standing up tall, and reading their report to our family audience.
Day 157: Chorley
Age: 179 days old

 Day 158: New Jammies
With the summer coming, and the weather getting warmer, its just been too hot for sleepers for Ms Chorley. So we decided to get her some new cooler pjs to wear for the summer. I forgot how dang stinkin cute lil short jammies are on babies.
Day 158:Chorley
Age: 180 days old

Day 159: New Chair For Chorley
Chorley seems to really be going through some growth spurts right now, and outgrowing some of her older toys and getting ready for some bigger toys. We got this walker/ entertainment toy for her. She's still getting used to it and only last less than 30 minutes in it, but I know it's something that she will grow to enjoy. It's fun to watch what she does in here.
Day 159: Chorley
Age: 181 days old

Day 160: Student of the Month
Well it was Sydney's turn for student of the month. Unfortunately I didn't get to attend the flag ceremony to see her get her award, cuz she "forgot" to give me the paper sent home. But that afternoon when we were sitting around as a family, she mentioned "oh yah, I got student of the month today"... totally like no big deal. But I think it is, and am proud of her.
Day 160: Chorley
Age: 182 days old

Day 161: Closing Day
Today was the closing ceremony for Little League for Austin. They all dressed up in their uniforms, had a ceremony, the jet planes flew over and we got together with the team and had a team picnic. I signed up for dessert and make cupcakes with the TX Rangers colors and then a T logo on each one. I think they turned out pretty good. Austin had a great season, a great coach, and learned so much. Later on, we went out to Simi Valley and started our house hunting process and ended up being gone ALL day long. We saw about 13-14 houses and saw ALOT of what Simi Valley is all about. We didn't leave to come home till about 10:15 pm and were so exhausted.
Day 161: Chorley
Age: 183 days old

Day 162: Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies
These have become quite the family favorite cookie. They are soooo good, rich, filling, and you can't have barely more than one.. like, maybe one and a half max. You make chocolate chip cookie dough, then get some Oreos, yes double stuff do work better, and then out cookie dough around the whole Oreo and then bake them in the oven.. All I can say is... delightful heaven, and they are HUGE!!!
Day 162: Chorley
Age: 184 days old

Day 163: Austin's Report
One thing that we worked REALLY hard on this year, was Austin's state report. He was super excited that he got Utah!!! Doesn't hurt that we know a ton about it, lived there, and even made a trip to Utah, while he was working on the report. He did all the extra things he could do, and also added about 20 pictures of places that he had been to in Utah!! (thanks mom for taking so many pictures all the time)
He finally came home with his graded report..... A+!!!! I think we were as excited as he was.
Day 163: Chorley
Age: 185 days old

Day 164: 6 Month check up
Yup, already that time again, the 6 month check up for Chorley. She got a few shots, but did really good with them, it always breaks my heart. Her updated checks are: 17 lbs 12 oz (81%), length 27 3/4" (97%) and head is 45 which is 97%. The doctor says she has a great temperament and is a healthy looking girl.
Day 164: Chorley
Age: 186 days old
tender cuddles with mom

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Planes flew over for closing ceremonies, wow!! Congrats Syd on SOTM!!