Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 142-150

I know I am sooo behind.. doesn't mean I stopped taking pictures, just means life got crazy!!!! so hoping to get a bit back on track now

Day 142: Bumbo Time
We were super excited to have Chorley start sitting in her bumbo. That means she has gotten much bigger and is sitting up a bit more, with help. It's been the perfect thing for on the go, feeding her, and giving her more time to practice sitting up and strengthening those back muscles of her.
Day 142: Chorley
Age: 164 days

Day 143: Date Night
Well we don't get many of these things anymore at all.. But we got a lovely date night, dinner and a movie, courtesy of a great babysitter, Katelin. We tried a new Italian restaurant,  which was ok, but wasn't in love with it. And then saw What To Expect When Youre Expecting. It was cute, had some funny moments, but there wasn't much else out that we wanted to see. So we had some much needed couple time. (and yes those roots have totally been taken care of. that picture made me jump into action and dye my hair)
Day 143: Chorley
Age: 165 days old

Day 144: Austin's game
This season we have totally enjoyed going to Austin's game and watching him really grow as a player and watch him grow to love the game. I also have really refound a love for baseball and watching Austin find something that is HIM has been wonderful.
Sliding into home, one of Austin's favorite things to do is steal bases, and even loves to steal and slide into home:
Batters Up:
 Day 144: Chorley
Age: 166 days old
Day 145: Lunch at School
Something that the kids school does, is have an Open House for the parents to come and check out what their student has been up to all year long. First we got to eat lunch with the kids. Sydney's friend Marley came and ate with us also. We picked up Subway for the kids, found a nice shady spot under the tree, and plopped down for lunch. Afterwards, we got to walk through the kids classrooms, check out their art projects, see their work and look at their school environments. The kids LOVED showing off their stuff. They even got to get checked out early and come home for the afternoon.
Sydney's class:
Austin's Class:
Day 145: Chorley
Age: 167 days old

Day 146: Disneyland
One of the nice things that we splurged on this year was Disneyland passes. We have gotten some pretty good use out of them, and the kids have LOVED going. It's sooo nice to go and not feel the need to cram everything you can into a day. Sometimes just going for a couple of hours is perfect, and fitting in a couple of favorite rides. Today we met up with Katelin and Matt at Disneyland.
Day 146: Chorley
Age: 168 days old
Day 147: Sushi Lunch
Finding a realllly good sushi place is kinda trickey. But we found one in Torrance called Sushi Gone Wild!!! and we love it!! They have great sushi, some cheap rolls, and they always have some good 80s or 90s music, which personally, makes me want to go back more.
Day 147: Chorley
Age: 169 days old
Day 148: Kisses
Nothing is cutest then Chorley learning how to give kisses. Sure they are wet and slobbery, but she gets sooo excited and it's fun to see her connecting with us.
Day 148: Chorley
Age: 170 days old
Day 149: Kite Flying
Today was Memorial Day and the kids and Jeremy were off from school and work. So we had the day to ourselves to just hang out. The kids got some kites from grandma and grandpa Robinson for Easter, and since it was kinda breezy, we went up to Rocketship Park and took the kites for a spin. Sydney lost her's in the tree for a little bit, but Jeremy was able to get it back. The kids had tons of fun and the weather was gorgeous!!!

Day 149: Chorley
Age: 171 days old

Day 150: Sydney reading to Chorley
One thing I have always loved to do is read books with the kids. This time around it's wonderful, I have two big kid readers that can read to Chorley also. The other night we caught Sydney reading to Chorley, and making sure she added lots of fun voices in for some of the characters. I have to say it melts my heart to watch it.

Day 150: Chorley
Age: 172 days old

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