Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day: 165- 172

Day 165: Austin's 5th Grade Promotion
Austin had a reallly big day today. He had is 5th grade promotion (graduation) from elementary school. He was sooo excited, and couldn't have had a better teacher this year. She really enjoyed Austin in her class and let us know that several times and how much she enjoyed him. She also helped Austin get back up to track, since Utah was a bit behind from where the CA schools are. Austin also got a special award that a handful of the 5th graders received. It was a Presidential Silver award, given to kids who showed a great sign of accomplishment over the year, by working hard, achieving their goals, being a good student and improving over the year. Austin's teacher picked Austin as one of these kids to receive this award. He also got his 5th grade physical fitness award and was above average on all the areas they tested them all. Afterwards, we took Austin out to a special lunch, with grandma and grandpa Hatter and Katelin. It was so great to see Austin achieve this wonderful accomplishment.
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Day 165: Chorley
Age: 187 days old

Day 166: Last Day of School
Today was the official last day of school for the kids this school year. Austin finished 5th grade and Sydney finished 3rd grade. They both came home with wonderful grades and both improved from the first semester. Both kids had the best teachers and I was excited they got to go to my old elementary, Fern Elementary. They both made good friends and fit in. I am so proud of them.
Day 166: Chorley
Age: 188 days old
Day 167: Bath Splashing
One thing that Chorley is really become a fan of is her bath time. She LOVES the water, she loves to splash, and she loves her little bath tub. Daddy is in charge of bath time and has a fun routine with her. I always hear giggled and squirms of excitement coming from the bathroom when it's Chorley's bath time.
Day 167: Chorley
Age: 189 days old

Day 168: Austin w/ Chorley
Austin is a super wonderful big brother to Chorley. He gets right on her level and see what she is doing. He works hard at making her smile, trying to keep her calm, and is a great helper for me with her. I really appreciate having such a big helper. Plus we've noticed that Chorley looks ALOT like Austin, esp from his baby pictures.
Day 168: Chorley
Age: 190 days old (she is wearing one of Sydney's old shirts, I just LOVE to see her wear some of Syd's old baby clothes, I am sooo glad I kept them)

Day 169: Father's Day
Today was a great day to celebrate some wonderful men in our lives. At our house we celebrated Jeremy as a father to our children. Each of the kids made him fun gifts and were so excited to shower him with love and affection. I got him some Amazon gift cards, which he used to buy a Kindle, something he's had his eye on for awhile. We also had grandpa Hatter, along with grandma and Katelin, come on over for a BBQ and some cake to finish off the celebration. Jeremy is such a TRULY amazing dad to the kids, I couldn't have asked for a better guy.
Day 169: Chorley
Age: 191 days old

Day 170: Chore Chart
Even though today is the first day of summer, there still needs to be some kind of order. We started a chore chart for the kids to have a system of marking their chores off, and if they got them all done, then they would earn something fun at the end of the week. We also do 1 hour of reading, this is in order to earn Wii time, and then some physical exercise, that means going on a walk with the walking crew- mom, Grandpa Hatter, Chorley and Katelin.
Day 170: chorley
Age: 192 days old

Day 171: Chocolates
Sydney has had a bit of a secret admirer this past couple of months, who did a few fun things for her. A heart attack on the lawn with clues, a silver locket necklace, and then today received a box of chocolates with some clues about who the person was. Talk about knowing a way to this girl's heart... yup, it's through chocolate!!!
Day 171: Chorley
Age: 193 days old
Day 172: Etiquette Dinner
Tonight at Sydney's Activity day's activity it was an etiquette dinner. They received a special invite in the mail, and had to dress up very fancy, and arrive at the church. They had a several course meal- bread w/ butter, salad, pasta, and spongecake w/ raspberry jam for dessert. Sydney picked out her outfit and added her own touches with her own jewelry choices. We did an updo, and curled the sides, and I couldn't believe how grown up she looked!! and she hasn't even started 4th grade yet. I'm in trouble.
Day 172: Chorley
Age: 194 days old

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Congrats Austin! And what a fun idea for an etiquette dinner, Sydney looks soooo pretty!!