Friday, June 12, 2009

Animals while we were out & about

One of the really cool things about the national parks and taking some of the out of the way roads that we did was being able to see lots of wildlife. We also saw several other animals and the kids would get sooo excited each time they spotted some form of wildlife.. The ostrich farm was really cool to see on the way into Zions.. they were just all standing there, not really moving and facing the same direction, so of course, we had to take a pic... In the car, Austin got sick of saying oh there's horses or cows, or whatever, so he came up with " oh there's some neigh-ers, there's some moo-ers, check out those baa-ers" such a funny kid, totally out of no where, so that cracked us all up...

Deer, we saw at all 3 national parks, this pic is from Bryce:
Ostriches at an ostrich farm right outside of Zions:
Lots of lizards and different kinds too: Cute lil chipmunks, reminds me of the Disney Chip N Dale cartoons:

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Leah said...

LOVE that last picture!