Thursday, June 11, 2009

DAY 3 Capitol Reef National Park

So originally when we were planning the trip we had no idea about what or where Capitol Reef was, but have to say it more than a pleasant and exciting surprise. The views were amazing and there was quite a bit to see in there. Years ago, a verrrry long time ago, the area was totally covered by water, which gave it the reef name. Then back in the late 1800s settlers came to this valley and started a small town. The climate makes it so that you can grows lots of fruit trees and is almost tropical like. But at the same time, there are several creeks and there is tons of flash flooding, which has also destroyed the village several times. When we were driving around there were warning where flash floods occurred and you could see where they ran through and over the roads too. There was some old ancient tribal art on the rocks, which was very cool to look at and the kids were entertained with it. We did a couple little hikes. In an old home, there is a cute little store with homemade items and the BEST homemade pies and ice cream. Yum. Also the deer there were sooo tame, they just let us come right up to them and take pictures. We even drove right up along side some, and they didn't even flinch.
Also the house that is in the picture below, not bigger than one room, was the house to one of the settlers that housed him, his wife and 10 kids!! The two youngest kids slept in the house with the parents, and the older kids slept on a ledge carved out of the mountain behind the house and they slept in the open there!!! Crazy.. But we had a great time and are hoping to get to go back again sometime. We didn't even get to see it all, but loved it and had a great time.

Twin rocks:
Gorgeous cliffs and scenery:
This is so intriging how the rock has just worn away: Old tribal rock art: One of the first settlers homes- home to parents and 10 kids!!!
Old fashioned store and home, with very yummy homemade pies and ice cream: Valley view: Jeremy in the "reef":
LOVE how the sun just highlights this rock area:

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Leah said...

We've never been there. It looks pretty and the ice cream and pie sound delicious!