Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DAY 2 Bryce Canyon National Park

So the second day we headed to Bryce Canyon, we actually drove right through Zions again and headed up to Bryce which was a gorgeous drive, lots of rocks, cliffs and lots of green everywhere. Bryce has more of a forest-esty feel to it, pine trees and a higher elevation. The "hoo-doos" are the rock has worn away over time with harsh elements. We watched the movie and it's really crazy how they form over time. Lots of amazing and great views, the morning started a bit overcast when we got there, so the first photo sites are kinda cloudy, but right when we got to the main area, the sun cleared and got some great shots of the canyons... The colors in Bryce are totally breath taking, the colors really pop out- oranges, pinks, and some reds, it's really pretty. In fact, I have to say I think the Bryce views won my heart. The kids looked for prairie dogs the whole time, but we couldn't find any, instead we saw several deers and cute chipmunks..

view pic with the kids: Kids @ Sunset View:
Jeremy @ Sunset view:
Love how the light really makes the colors stand out: What a grogeous sky, blue blue blue and pretty white clouds:
Tons of Hoo-doos: Two caves that have opened up: A cave that has formed from the elements eating away at the rock:
Great view:


Moni said...

So great pics. Lovely view! Hugs, Moni

Caroline said...

Really cool pics! Makes me want to go there again!!

Leah said...

SO pretty! Every time I see it, I think that!