Monday, June 15, 2009

Junior Rangers

At each of the National Parks, they have a junior ranger program, where kids can become a "junior ranger". They are given a workbook/ activity book and have to do so many pages in each book depending on their age. They also need to pick up a certain amount of trash with in the park, either see the park movie or attend a class given by a park ranger. Once they complete the activities for their age level, they take their booklet up to the rangers, and they pass it off, and then do the junior ranger pledge. They are then given junior ranger badges to wear and keep. So the kids became junior rangers at Zions, Bryce, and Capitol Reef. It was very cool and exciting, it also gave them something to be on the lookout for around the park, and were so excited when they "found" or "saw" what they were looking for..


Leah said...

Very cute!

mueppi said...

Very cute and wonderful photos!
Hugs Gisela