Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dinosaur Park & Driving Adventures

What an adventure we had.. We decided to go up to the dinosaur park, we have been wanting to do that for a long time, but never quite made it.. The kids were really excited, and the place was pretty cool with lots of dinosaurs all over the park, a little cheesy but the kids were happy and entertained by it all. They also loved the play area, and spent quite a bit of time there, while mom and dad, took a "rest" in the shady area... The kids even made a group of friends to play with there, and had lots of fun. I wish we lived a bit closer, we would go more, but it's kinda a long drive.
Afterwards, since we were at the base of the canyons, we thought we would drive through the canyons and kinda explore around there.. Well we ended up in Huntsville and Eden, which I have to say are gorgeous areas!!! So peaceful and relaxing, and with some quite large houses, which I wouldn't mind having.. Then we had to get gas, and Jeremy thought we needed to explore more, and bought a map.. We took some crazy back roads and explored a part of Utah we would have never seen.. like Morgan.. (very small), saw lots of reservoirs, pretty scenery and a lovely rain storm... We ended up in the valley right by Park City, so stopped there for a bit.. Then headed off and home.. Quite an adventure and some fun times.. glad we did it.

Ok, this totally cracks me up of the kids:

Austin was soo excited to see all the dinosaurs... esp T-Rex Yup, I think Jeremy is really scared
Sydney very curious about this big guy
some cool scenic drive photos


Leah said...

We love that place!

Caroline said...

So what city is it in? Looks like fun!