Sunday, June 14, 2009

Funnies from our Trip

Not only did we have a super fun time on our trip, but there were also some memorable and really funny moments, a couple of which were caught on pictures... so here are just a couple:

THIS SIGN!!!!! There will be a $5.00 charge for whining.. I made the kids stand by it for a picture and let them know that they would agree and obey the rule on the sign.. unfortunately the kids don't have THAT much money... LOL but there was the cutest older couple in the restaurant where we took this and they were quite amused by it.

REAL OR FAKE COP??? ok this was sooo funny.. In the very small town of Loa, UT... this cop car was sitting off of the main road, right where you have to drop down from the 65 to 30 in a very short distance. Of course it freaked me out on the way in since I couldn't see who was in the car, but on the way back!!! oh my gosh, sooo funny.. We had to get out and take a picture of this "hard working cop" (yes that is a dummy!!!)
SLACKERS: just LOVE the name of this burger place, so we have to pick here to eat... yummy too, esp the garlic burgers
Sydney's choice of Play Friends: Wonder Woman and Luke Skywalker
We let the kids bring a few toys into the car to play with along the way, and these were Syd's choice of characters.. I guess both do have a sort of super powers and could be a great team- Luke with the Jedi force and Wonder Woman, with her invisible jet and cute and cold bracelets that have magical powers to fight off anything.
CATTLE ON THE FREEWAY: ok I've seen those signs a million times of the cattle crossing and never seen one crossing, or on the freeway.. but we were driving along and looks like one of the gang got stuck ON the freeway, of course the rest of his buddies were much smarter than he was to get caught.. do how do they get back???

There was also another sign on the freeway that made us totally crack up, I wanted a picture soo bad but couldn't get to turning around on the 2 lane highway.. but it said: "Fine will be issued for ANY uncovered load......" yup, cracks me up...


Caroline said...

I think I need one of those whining signs in my house. I KNOW I would make some money!!

Leah said...

Love those signs!