Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 141: Solar Eclipse

Sunday was a solar eclipse and we have been looking forward to it for quite awhile, it even made it onto the calender. Jeremy made a pinhole projector to see the eclipse the "safe way" but by the time we got down to the beach, it was pretty overcast and we were able to look at the sun with the naked eye. We got LOTS of pictures over time and you can check out more of them on my other blog HERE. It was fun to see the kids get excited over this, since it's something that doesn't have too many times in one's lifetime.
Day 141: Chorley
Age: 163 days old


Kim said...

love reading all your updates, you guys are certainly busy! i think chorely looks so much like austin, am i alone in this? hooray for rolling over and student of the month! (and to be honest the mom in me is thinking hooray for the end of softball season!)
oh, and ps, we have a gacc here for whenever you come to town!

Kristine said...

Great eclipse picture! I think Chorley looks like Jeremy! Such a little cutie!