Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cali Swimming and Cousins

The first day we were on our Cali vacation was to get out in the sun and swim!!!! It was sooo gorgeous and the weather was perfect. The kids were in their bathing suits in seconds. My parents had 3 pools set up for the kids- the big one, the one with the slide in the middle, and then a lil kiddie one for the young-ins.. Later on we went over and swam at Kim and Justin's pool and the kids had such a blast. They are becoming such good swimmers and love to just jump in the pool. But getting them to line up for this picture was soo hard, they kept just jumping in, again and again...

Big Splash: Jordan, Bailey, Tyler, Austin, Sydney
Jordan: Crew and Kade:


Jen said...

Got to love the "warm California sun" Looks like fun!

Justin and Kim said...

wow, such handsome guys and cute little ladies! To look at a bunch of them in pics it's amazing to see how big everyone is!