Thursday, July 23, 2009

Redondo Beach Surf

While we were in Cali, after church we thought we would take the kids for a lovely Sunday afternoon walk at the beach.. We totally talked it over, and they promised that they WOULD not get their clothes wet, go in the water, and if they did they were willing to be grounded.. I think it lasted maybe like 3 minutes. then one of them, got "caught by a big wave" then another one "fell in the waves" and lastly "the waves got bigger".... so are you can see, by the end of the beach walk, they were soaked, swimming in the waves and having a blast.. Kinda couldn't blame, them the water was perfect............

Catching some cool waves:
Tyler and Austin havin some beach fun:
Sydney doing her beach dance:
This is how they all started out, in clothes, dry, and behind the water:

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Caroline said...

I think Tyler had fun, even though he wasn't "supposed" to go swimming!!