Saturday, July 25, 2009

Huntington Beach Firepits FHE

For FHE we decided to head out to the fire-pits at Huntington Beach, one of my fave places for some good pit cooking.. Katelin and I headed down earlier with a few of the kids to get some beach time in.. Later on everyone else came, Rysn started us a kickin fire that lasted the whole time.. We cooked some yummy hot dogs and afterwards started the real fun... smores.. YUM... We had quite the line up going and really whipped those bad boyz out. Kristine likes to burn marshmallows to a crisp, while me and Ryan like them nice and golden brown... The kids all loved it and had a complete blast.

Beach Cousins:
Me, Caroline (spotted her newest Farrah Faucett do') and Kristine:
Cousins and Smores:

Emily, the perfect beach baby, just happy and content being outdoors at the beach:
Jordan, Sydney and Austin in the surf


Justin and Kim said...

love Caroline's new do! That's a keeper!

Caroline said...

Yes I think it is a keeper too!! However, it's so dry here, my hair just doesn't curl the same as in Cali!