Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sea World

To finish off our Cali trip, we finally made it down to Sea World, somewhere I've been wanting to go to for SUCH a long time. The last time I've been I was about 15 or so. We didn't tell the kids so they were VERY excited. They had a great deal where adults get in for kids prices and everyone gets to go back a 2nd day free. Gotta love that. So we went most of the day Friday and then half of Saturday. We got to see everything and a couple of the Shamu shows. For the night show, the kids sat in the 2nd row and were begging to be splashed, but we sat further back, since the show wasn't crowded and managed to stay dry. It's always amazing to see such beautiful creates and just watch the whales swim, and then visit all the reef tanks. The arctic exhibit was really cool too and we went late at night and barely anyone was there. The kids were playing a game with the walrus, tapping on the glass and he'd tap back. It was fun to watch them, and watch them get sooo excited over it all. What a fun packed trip....

Check out that huge turtle:

Hands on with the Sea Stars: Waiting for the Shamu show to start:
soooo excited for the show to start:
The kids were sooo excited to sit in row 2 for the night show, they wanted to be splashed sooo badly... we sat in row 11, and did NOT get wet.. sydney's new fave animal.. a manatee
Austin hanging in the polar bear caves:
LOVE this photo: The polar bears, one of my fave animals:
Shamu show:
That is one BIG anemone:

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Micah and Kristine said...

Great photos, too bad you didn't get any of that stinky water on you!