Friday, July 3, 2009

Lehi Days: Main Parade

We had our usual spot for the parade, the kids were lined up with their "cannnn-diiie" bags and ready for action. This years parade was kinda long, but the kids really got loaded up. Also got some fun coupons that we will definitely be using this summer to keep busy. Sydney got to "break" a karate board {see below} and I think Sydney and Jordan were the winners for the most candy retrieved. I also love when they bring out the water bottles!!! and yup, got one.

Kids waiting for all the fun and cannnn-diie to start coming their way
Austin giving Ryder a few tips about how to collect some good candy:

Talk about a "sweet" brown ride:

Sydney got choosen out of the group of kids by a karate studio to "break" a board.. It took here a try or two, but she did it and was sooo proud of herself:
The kids LOVED this float with all the cool Star Wars characters, I think Austin was possibly drooling:


Leah said...

Nice seats!

Micah and Kristine said...

Yeah we still have cann-diiieee from that one, thanks to Jordan.