Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 1: Project Life/ Project 365

Day 1:
well I have ALWAYS wanted to do this, and I always meant to start this at the New Year, but I just got overwhelmed and decided to wait it out. Last year I had great intentions of even doing Project 12, but well.... never got that one going off the ground either. Usually in January I'm pretty burned out on taking pictures, so I don't take many after the holidays. So, I think I can aim to try that this year too. So here it goes, and hopefully I can stick with this one for this year.
This is my first photo, it's of the kids... it's how we spent the day, together as a family, starting the new year off right, together. I got my good camera fixed and am excited to start taking lots of pictures and doing some daily documenting of us, and what we go through this year as a family. Last year was FULL of CHANGE... a Move, a New State, a New Baby, New School for the kids, No Work for me, and Jeremy working in house at his work... This year, I'm not all sure what it has in store for us, but I hope it's just as good as last year and we stay as strong as we did last year.

Also, I'm going to aim to take a picture of Chorley everyday and show how much she grows:
Day 1:
Chorley: 25 days old.
Welcome to 2012.


Caroline said...

Awesome, looking forward to it!!

Ellen said...

We will enjoy watching your blog. Love the pictures of all the kids and watching Chorley growing.