Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2: Last day of Vacation

Day 2: well it was the last day of vacation for the kids and Jeremy, which really made me kinda sad. This holiday break, we've pretty much just hung out as a family, took it easy, and kept things low key. So tomorrow will be back to the normal schedule and a quiet house. I actually miss everyone during the day, and it just seems like something is missing when everyone is gone. So the kids played outside, rode their bikes, and enjoyed some freedom. It wasn't even cold outside for January, but Austin wanted to pretend he was a motorcycle rider and got on a jacket and gloves.

Day 2:
Chorley: 26 days

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Caroline said...

I sooo wish we had warm weather or at least some snow. the kids are itching to play outside but it's just so dang cold!