Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 27: Family Fun Night

Today we had a Friday Fun night. This was something I started when Jeremy had worked out of state, and so if the kids did good on their homework and chores throughout the week, then we got Friday Fun night. The kids loved that idea and we've kinda been going back to it. We've tried to have Friday movie night, sometimes it's just going out to dinner, and staying up late. But this week, we went out to Cafe Rio with grandma and grandpa Hatter. It was packed at the Rio, but that pork salad.. yum!!! worth it. Then they came over and we watched Tin Tin. Austin, Jeremy and Sydney had already seen it, but they didn't mind seeing it again. I made up some Snickerdoodle cookies, which seem to be a new favorite and we stayed up late and hung out. A great ending to a looooong week.

Day 27: Chorley
Age: 49 days old

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