Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 11: Kinda Scary

Today when I woke up, I have to admit I was a little bit scared of what I heard. Helicopters flying overhead, a few of them. When the noise didn't stop after about 15-20 minutes I knew something was wrong. Jeremy was out on his walk with Lily, the kids were at school, and it was just me and Chorley at home. Well the helicopters kept going, and I even heard talking over a microphone/loud speaker which I know was not a good sign. Jeremy finally came home from his walk and said it was a News and Police helicopters and something was going on. Apparently a guy in court escaped from the courthouse and ran out and was on the loose. Of course, my parents live pretty close to the courthouse, and really we aren't all that far from it either. The kids school is also pretty close to it, and luckily their school went on lockdown. Then Sydney's class was on a walking fieldtrip today also, in Torrance. Luckily, they went to the downtown area of Torrance and were ok. The bad ending.. they didn't catch the guy after all that.

Day 11: Chorley
Age: 34 days old

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