Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 30: Surprise Package

Today I got a surprise package in the mail... It was from my good scrappy buddy Alecia in Texas... I opened the box and she had sent goodies for the kids for Valentines Day!!!! Both Austin and Sydney got a huge yummy treat and then she packed it was a Valentines outfit for Chorley and an outfit to grow into!!!! My heart melted, I was sooo grateful.. It's those lil, unexpected things that someone does for you, to show they care, you don't expect it, and comes on a day you need it.. totally means that most!!! Thanks Alecia!! seriously, you made our family's day.

Day 30: Chorley
Age: 52 days old

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Alecia Castro said...

So glad it arrived safely and that y'all enjoyed it. Love ya bunches my friend!!