Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 26: Pinewood Derby

Well today was the day... Race day!!! Pinewood derby.. and actually the last pinewood derby for Austin too. Since this is his last year in Cub Scouts, it's his last pinewood derby. I actually really enjoy and look forward to it. It's fun to watch Austin and Jeremy create a car, design it, cut it out, and then add the paint and details. This year he created the "Flame" card. Austin made the flame and painted it himself. It turned out pretty cool. In the first heat we lost, then he won about 4 in a row, and then lost on the one to go to the quarter finals. So the car had a good run, and he was proud of it too.
It was also not such a great day. That morning I managed to burn 3 of my fingers, while I carried an unknowingly hot cookie sheet to the sink. They blistered in minutes and ouch!! it hurt. I also managed to pull my ultimate "blonde" moment.. It was super embarrassing and not too fun...

Day 26: Chorley
Age: 48 days old

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