Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 14: Boys and Girls Day

Today was kinda boys and girls day. Daddy and Austin started working on their Pinewood Derby car, since they have the Pinewood Derby race at the end of January here. They cleared out some space in the garage and started working on the car. Then me, Sydney and Chorley went to the mall and had some girlie time checking out some stores. Sydney felt like a big girl, and Chorley was great in the stroller the whole time.

Day 14: Chorley
Age: 36 days old

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Ellen said...

I just caught up reading your blog. I remember getting ready for the pinewood derby with our boys. There was always great anticipation getting the car(s) ready. I can notice that Chorley is getting a little rounder in her face. She is so cute! You are a great mom with great kids. Sydney was very thoughtful with Lily to keep her warm. Love, Ellen