Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 110: Surprise Baby Shower

Today was LOTS of fun and full of seeing LOTS of wonderful friends from Lehi.. First, I got to go to Shelley and get my hair done and it was sooo fun to visit with her. Then we went to visit the Lehi neighborhood and see lots of friends.. I originally thought I was going to just hang out and visit, but I walked into a surprise baby shower for me!!! oh my gosh!!! I couldn't believe it!!! Leah totally surprised me and had her house decorated super cute, LOTS of yummy food, and some of my very missed friends from the neighborhood... it made me even more sad to see our house and not be able to go inside and have it be our own. Everyone got to meet Chorley and see her. The kids got to go over to their friends houses and play, have fun, and be kids!!! it was WONDERFUL!!!

Day 110: Chorley
Age: 132 days old

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