Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 134: Mother's Day

Today was Mother's Day and I am really truly blessed to have 3 wonderful kids that call me mom!!! Each of them touch my heart in a different way and I love them sooo much. The kids were sooo excited to give me my gifts. I cried of course while opening them. Each of them made a paper in school called "When you thought I wasn't looking..." and they would finish the sentence with different things that they thought I didn't see them paying attention to me while I was doing things. It made me cry.. ALOT!!! Jeremy gave me a wonderful much needed gift certificate to go get a massage and I can't wait to use that one. We made dinner at the house, taco salad and invited my parents over. We had Mississippi Mud for dessert, something I haven't had in a LONG time, yum!!! It was such a wonderful day and I LOVED just spending it with my family!! 
Day 134: Chorley
Age: 156 days old

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