Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 125: Student of the Month

Austin brought home a note earlier this week, saying that he was going to be picked from his class as one of the students on the month!!! He was sooo excited, and we were too. It's been a hard year for him. It's been quite an adjustment, grades and learning wise from what he was doing in school last year to this year. CA was much further ahead in math, then in UT, and they were already doing a monthly oral report, 2 big reports for the year- one on a president, and one on a state, and a science project. We went from having maybe an hour of homework to several hours of homework. So it's been an adjustment. Austin has a great teacher at school, and she always has the nicest things to say about Austin. So when I heard he was getting this award, I was sooo happy and excited for him. I went to the flag ceremony where they give out the awards, they go through each grade, each teacher picks a student, and after they get their award all the kids say "(name of kid) YOU ROCK" so it was pretty cool to hear all the kids says "Austin YOU ROCK!!"
Later that night we went to El Paso Cantina and they had a pre-Cinco De Mayo poster out in the lobby that we all took turns taking pictures with, which was kinda fun:

Day 125: Chorley
Age: 147 days old

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