Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 128: DMV/ 5 Months

Well it's official, or at least we are official.. we finally have CA drivers licenses. I was super nervous because you have to take a test to get your license, even if your out of state one hasn't expired yet. I got the book, and Jeremy and I studied the night before. I was super nervous and studied extra hard. That part paid off, because I got a minus 0 the first time I took the test!!! you had three chances. They even let me take Chorley in there with the stroller, since Jeremy and I were taking our tests at the same time. Jeremy didn't do too well the first time, and had to take it a second time. Well, we both passed and are good to go. I don't like my picture, but what can ya do?
Day 128: Chorley
Age: 150 days old 5 MONTHS

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Kristine said...

At least your picture isn't 3 days away from giving birth!