Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 126: Sydney's Game/ Mini Golf

Today was one of Sydney's last games.. This girl was ON FIRE today at her game. She came up to bat THREE times and hit off the pitcher ALL three times, one was a double!!!! She was amazing up at bat. Really, it's only her first year playing and she has really improved and done great. She's the only one of her team to hit off the pitcher every time up to bat in one game!!! I was sooo proud. Even though the girls didn't win, her team played really hard and it was a close game. She really ended the season with a bang!!
Later that day, since it was Sydney's birthday earlier this week, she invited her best buddy Marley to go to miniature golf with us. We went to Mulligans. We all played two rounds of mini golf. The kids climbed the rock wall twice and then played for some tickets in the arcade for awhile. They had lots of fun, and Chorley was having a good time while we mini golfed too.
Day 126: Chorley
Age: 148 days old

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